Nov 212012

All very exciting now.

This is where it started



Sometimes areas looked like this


This was my last look at Aqueous Field I at the mother-ship (studio)



Before I did this



With bubble-wrap, then it looked like this



And then the lovely guys from Chapman & Bailey picked it up and took it away for framing.

At this point I not sure whether to be happy or sad. I miss my big baby already. It is going to a beautiful home and will enjoy the attention, all framed and lovely away from the detritus of the studio. But I am kind of missing the journey I’ve been immersed in. I know. I know it is all part of the bigger adventure. But here, I have to say, this was an epic dazzling chapter of that rich creative journey.

Just to finish, I often used to like to look at it & work on it like this


Au revoir

Sweet Times

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