May 212013

At last the painting commission from Provenance wines is on the move again. I managed to complete the paintings last year to a very happy audience but then a run of bad luck and timing on both our parts put a hold on things. This was sort of an act of grace in the end because I was able to put the paintings away for a while and allowed to indulge in them later.

What fun it was in the last few days to bring them out again for another look. Such a great thing to do as an artist and a bit of a luxury. When you are working on a painting series you are so often immersed in your own headspace and process that you don’t often see the bigger picture as such. Now a fair few months down the track it is like someone has pulled the blur into focus. What I may have seen as pictorial issues back in September are gems now.

Had fun photographing them with the pro photographer Greg Elms.

Here are the ones going tomorrow on appro.

Scott is definitely taking two works but he wants to be sure they have the right feel in his home. I am pretty sure he has already decided which ones, what is your guess?


Provanence Painting No1

Provanence Painting No2

Provanence Painting No3


Provanence Painting No5

Provanence Painting No6



These are the ones he isn’t taking. He loves them but the other paintings had a greater impact on him.


Provanence Painting No4


Provanence Painting No8


There is one more completed artwork in this series but Greg stole it for our home so no photo available.

I will have to look for homes for these at some point or exhibit the series.

  2 Responses to “Art Wine Commission Happy Finish”

  1. Wow, lovely work Jacquelyn! Painting number 2 is my favourite – gorgeous colours and movement.

  2. Thanks Sas. Worked hard on it, but loved the process

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